Reverend Ilnisky

William Ilnisky received his call to the ministry while attending Berea Tabernacle, Detroit Michigan. He is a graduate of Central Bible College, Springfield Missouri, and received his ordination in the Assemblies of God in 1954.

Reverend Ilnisky has been Pastor of Lighthouse Christian Center International located in West Palm Beach, Florida for twenty-four years. In his earlier years of ministry, he pastored in Indiana and traveled as an evangelist. He served eighteen years in missionary service with the Assemblies of God, first as a pastor of Faith Temple, Montego Bay, Jamaica, and then in Campus Ministries in Beirut, Lebanon, for seven years.

Due to the escalation of the war in Beirut, Pastor Ilnisky, his wife Esther and their daughter Sarah had to leave the country. Their experiences there, especially during the last year living under the conditions of war, have given them an interesting and exciting story to tell.

He has served the West Palm Beach community in developing Spanish and Portuguese speaking churches. Three Spanish congregations which got their start in LCCI are now thriving churches in the community.  He has also undertaken several feeding projects in the city. In one of which was called STOMP (Spiritual Togetherness Overcoming Man’s Prejudices), over 40,000 pounds of fresh produce and canned goods were distributed to inner city residents.

Pastor Ilnisky is known as a spiritual father to many around the world providing a wealth of counsel, guidance and encouragement especially to those with a heart for ministry.  He has raised up, mentored and sent out a number of people from LCCI to minister as missionaries, evangelists, and teachers throughout the United States and such nations as Israel, Uganda, the Philippines, Lebanon and Ireland. He currently leads a regular prayer meeting for local pastors in an effort to bring unity to the local Body of Christ.

Consistently, Pastor Ilnisky has been involved with global ministry efforts from his base in West Palm Beach. Some highlights include; a prayer journey to Uzbekistan, served as a guest professor for one semester at the Silk Road Bible College in Bishkek, Kygrystan, he led a group to Turkey for an historic praise celebration in the Ephesis Amphitheater – a historic first, and was a guest speaker for the AG National Conference in Jamaica. Certainly one of the most remarkable endeavors was the ministry he launched called Sekelela which served orphans, pastors and other church leaders in Zambia, Africa. Over the ten year season of this ministry, Pastor Ilnisky arranged for over 2 million dollars in donations and gifts in kind to be used to support those in several communities around Zambia.

Currently Pastor’s mission is to create a center within LCCI where daily classes, prayer meetings, and events are taking place to serve the community.

Pastor William Ilnisky has always endeavored to be involved in activities that are inclusive and make LCCI a church of various races and ethnicites. He guides his church carefully in fulfilling the Vision of the House: “A church without walls; a lighthouse to the lost, a hospital for the spiritually and emotionally wounded, an army of the Lord and a house of prayer.”